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  • the length of your private photo tour:

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Compact tour

 € 149,00

Regular tour

€ 219,00

Royal tour

€ 299,00

  • min. 5 professional pictures
  • 1 top spot
  • + 15 minutes
  • < 100 m walking
  • 1 small gift 
  • min. 10 professional pictures
  • 2 top spots
  • + 30 minutes
  • < 1 km walking
  • 1 small gift
  • min. 20 professional pictures
  • 4 top spots
  • + 1 hour
  • 1 - 3 km walking
  • 1 small gift
  • min. 35 professional pictures
  • 8 top spots
  • + 2 hours
  • 2 - 5 km walking
  • 1 small gift 
  • and the theme of the tour:
Monumental Bruges Pose in front of the most famous monuments (Concert Hall, ...)
Romantic Bruges Walk around romantic places in the city (Rosary Quay, ...)
Authentic Bruges Wander around peaceful, unknown districts of Bruges
 Best of Bruges * Combine the top spots of the monumental, romantic & authentic tour 

 * : The select Best of Bruges tour takes place during the blue hour, the transition period from day to night. Specific hours can be consulted here and  will be confirmed by mail, once you have made your reservation. The other Best of Bruges tours take place by day.

How to book and pay a private tour?

  • Take a look at our portfolio, and read carefully through the practical information.
  • Send your request through the book / buy form.
  • Please mention the name of the tour (e.g. the "regular monumental" tour), the number of participants (up to 4) and the preferred timing (date + hour).
  • You will receive an e-mail containing a detailed description of the requested tour and you will be asked to pay 30% in advance by bank transfer.
  • The above mentioned rates are applicable per tour, regardless of the number of participants.
  • Once Spotting Bruges has received your payment, your reservation will be considered as confirmed.
  • The remaining amount is due to be paid at the end of the photo tour, cash or by credit card.


Do you have a special request? 

  • Contact us to explain your idea and we will work out a proposal accordingly.